It’s a terrible feeling when you realize that the dream company you’ve built isn’t living up to its full potential, or making you money. It’s even worse when you don’t know what the problem really is.

Maybe you started out trying to do everything yourself and soon realized it’s really hard to do it all. Or maybe you had your branding and website professionally designed, but still, you’re not gaining any momentum in site views or sales. Or maybe still, you’ve established your company and have had years of success, but recently things are slowing down.

However you got to this point in your journey, we are here to help you re-align your vision and get you back on track. 

With the re-design workbook, we ask questions to help diagnose the problem so that we can come up with a better solution.


  • I’m not getting any page views/sales
  • I tried doing it myself and it’s just too hard.
  • The site/brand is old and outdated
  • The site is difficult to update on my own
  • I have outgrown my site/brand and need something that fits my new direction