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Mood board: Rock Collection

Hi Friends,

I’ve been working away at a new client brand styling project which means Ive been making a bunch of mood boards. This client in particular is looking for an earthy, upscale vibe. Rather than going directly to “woodsy” earthy, I chose to focus more on “geology” earthy. Once I started looking for images, I have to say I’ve become a little obsessed. After reviewing, we realized that I might have gotten a little too narrow focused on the rock concept, so we scrapped it. I loved it so much, I just couldn’t part with it, so I wanted to share it here.

mood board

This mood board to me denotes luxury, spiritualism, earthiness, energy, and nostalgia.

I remember as a kid I collected rocks. Not many of them were as pretty as these, but I always enjoyed pulling out my little plastic box that had them all separated out. I’d pick them up and feel their textures and marvel at how the earth formed all these different colors and shapes. My favorite rock I collected was a smooth piece of tigers eye. I very much regret the day I threw out my rock collection. It was one of those things that I held onto from my childhood that just took up space in a box but couldn’t really think of a reason to schlep it across the country to our new home in Chicago. So I tossed it. Big mistake.

You may see a glint of this in the final brand styling project that I’m working on. It’s going to be a long long time before it is safe to share as the company creates physical products that need to be manufactured and packaged, but I’ll definitely post it when it is live.

Have a dreamy weekend!


All images used come from my pinterest board.

Amethyst close up
Blue geode
Amethyst and gold – (link is broken)
Marble and gold tiles
Dreamy rock collection
Rocks in a bowl – link is missing. If you know the source, please comment.
Gold plant vase on a shelf 

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