Creatively Daring - San Francisco Love letter


I live in the susnet district, which ironically is the foggiest place to live in San Francisco. Most would describe it as gloomy at times, but I whole heartedly welcome the fog. I find it beautiful the way it hits the trees or completely devours the reservoir across the street. I once walked up to the hill during a particularly foggy day and I kid you not, all I could see was swirling white. I couldn’t see more than 3 feet infront of me and I couldn’t see anything at the bottom of the hill. It was a little unsettling at first, but also quite peaceful. I felt like I could be up there and nothing in the world would ever move again. I love how different the houses in my neighborhood look on foggy days in comparison to sunny days. Everything is softer.

I’ve captured what I’m calling “A Foggy Love letter from San Francisco” in mood board form. I hope you find it inspiring or useful.

Creatively Daring - San Francisco Love letter

**find more foggy inspiration on my pinterest board.

And of course here are a few foggy photos from the last few weeks. I never have my good camera with me so crappy iphone photos will have to do for now.

fog1 fog2

I do plan on studying fog more because I find the way it obscures things so fascinating and how it creates layers of depth in the trees.

Until next time!

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