Mood board: Fall Romantic

mood board - autumn romance

Saturday marks the first day of fall! I’m looking forward to my first “true” fall in the midwest. Having grown up in California, I can’t say I’ve experienced the full effect of autumn. Sure, the leaves changed from green to yellow to red, but It always happened so quick that I could barely enjoy it. My memories of fall often take me back to high school in Sacramento. I loved the crisp cool air and the sound of leaves crunching under my feet as I walked to school. I love the warm wool sweaters and homemade pecan pie, the smell of rain, and the scuttle of critters running around in the brush. We didn’t have many critters in suburbia, but you could find an occasional squirrel or quail running about. Fall reminds me of the pheasants my family hunted and brought home to eat ever few weeks. We had a dog specially trained to point and flush out the birds for my dad and brother. Fall is nostalgia in a nutshell and probably my second favorite season (tied with spring).

Enjoy this fall and remember to get outside and experience it! I welcome you to take pictures, instagram, tweet, pinterest, whatever and post a link to it in the comments.


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