Mood Board: Delightfully Modern

I created a mood board for a website with one word in mind: “delightful”. If you to come to this website and have it feel like a kid in a digital candy store. There’s just a touch of whimsy, but not too much and it’s stuff you want to get your hands on.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve had a small obsession with donuts lately, and that’s because i’ve been toying with the idea of them being a major theme in this brand, but I’m worried that my obsession is taking over my good judgment. It may be too far of a stretch for people to make the connection between donuts and the services of this brand OR it could be too limiting.

So I started pinning… and wow. If you look at my board you can see the evolution of where things lead me. At some point I had to “stop” myself and start actually putting the images together to see if there was a unique story here. This is all of them together (I may have pinned more since then). You can see all the pins and their sources on the pinterest board.


So I created a couple mood boards and I’m not sure how this will manifest in the end, but this is my process. I mull it over for while until I finally make up a decision.

Concept One

The first mood board is closer to my original intentions: Using mostly pastels, influenced by the beautiful colors of donuts and sweets.

This one to me is a little dream like and surreal. I just LOVE the pastel pinks and sky blues mixed with tangerine orange. For this idea, black and white can be used, but more sparingly. It’s more about the large fields of pastels put together.


Concept Two

As I started pinning inspiration for this project, I kept coming across these images with more vibrancy and contrast and as always, I felt drawn to them. I felt excited.

This one includes more black and white, both vibrant and pastels and maybe a little gold. It feels a little more energetic, but maybe not as “delightful”. It also feels like I’ve seen it somewhere before.


As you can see theres a  few images that overlap. I think those are the ones that inspire me the most, but sometimes those are the ones that are the odd ones out.

This mood board will probably change again, but I thought I would share with you my process as I work through this stuff. As always, I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Have a great week!



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