mood board - rainy day fun

Mood board: Here comes the rain

It’s wet here in San Francisco.. like record breaking, canoeing-t0-the-store-because-it’s-that-flooded wet. A lot of people are griping over it because it makes getting around a total hassle, but in a state where we have been in a severe/extreme drought for the past three years, I’m seeing this as a sign that mother nature is trying to correct itself. And I welcome that.

When we lived in Chicago, the summers used to have these massive torrential rain storms with thunder and lightening to boot. I got caught in a few myself and there’s nothing like it. When you get caught in something so powerful  that your umbrella crumbles under the weight of the water, there’s a few things that happen. First, there’s an initial panic because you’re starting to feel the unpleasant feeling of getting partially wet. You might try and duck under something like a tree or an awning nearby, but you quickly realize that there’s no way you can wait it out. Once you accept that you are going to get wet, and you welcome it, you brace yourself for getting more wet. And then there comes a moment when you stop caring about being wet, and then you start laughing. Laughing at yourself because you are now fully saturated with water and it doesn’t feel so bad anymore. At this point, jumping in puddles becomes a necessity and we remember why it was so fun as a kid.

I made a quick mood board about welcoming the rainy day and going out and playing in it.

mood board - rainy day fun

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