Event: Jive Turkey 2011

Saturday morning I woke up early and spent the next 8 hours printing, cutting, stapling, and trimming my holiday cards and notebooks for the Jive Turkey event at Brainwash cafe. This whole thing was made possible by Brian Yee, AKA the amazing and multi talented Baron Meddlesom. I feel lucky to have received the invitation to sell my paper goods along side some friends and past class mates. Around 7 pm, with an aching back from hunching over the cutting table, and a sore hand from hours at the exacto blade, I finally called it quits. I never would have made my deadline without my amazing boyfriend, Jeremy. He was my helper the entire day, researching square credit card apps for my ipad, cutting and folding along side me when my hands were too tired. We hopped in a cab and in 5 minutes we were there.

At 8, Brainwash was pretty empty, giving us optimal room to set up our makeshift booth (a couple tables put together in the back). Around 9, a huge crowd started forming inside. I saw many familiar faces, some family of the performers, and even some odd strangers. Once the music started, it was impossible to move. So many people were packed into the small space that even a large crowd stood outside in the rain, just to listen to the music. It really was one big party with great music, friends, and of course beer.

I definitely hope to gain momentum selling my paper goods. I think this was a good trial to see what people responded to, and what they passed over.


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