Our Branding Process


To establish your dream branding, we’ll help you look inward to define your authentic core traits and values, and own them. That means writing them down and sticking to them; Making them your mantra and putting them at the core of how you run your business.

Creatively Daring - Branding Services : Defining your core values

When you own who you are and what you believe in, you can inspire a following.



Mood boarding is a useful tool to so that we may stay aligned on your brand vision. We create visual representations of your core values and from that we define different aspects of your branding such as fonts, color palette, visual styles, and logo inspiration.

Creatively Daring - Mood Board examples


Your logo will be uniquely hand crafted to match your authentic business and brand values. We don’t believe in half-baked ideas, so we spend the time to really give each concept life before showing you options.

Creatively Daring branding Services


As your business grows, you will likely require more design work. The style guide is that crucial piece to ensure your branding stays consistent. It is the summation of all the styles that were defined in the mood board as well as rules on how to use the logo. With a style guide, any designer can pick up this pdf and use it to design the next step in your business journey.

brand style guide

Ready to start owning your vibe?

When you’re ready to say “yes” to your dream, we’ll be here to help. Below are some common suggested paths that will take you toward a specific business goal. If you have any questions, contact us for a FREE 30 minute consultation call to determine what’s best for you.

  • Identity Package
  • $ 1500 (payment plan available)
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Mood board
    • Logo
    • Color palette + fonts
    • Brand elements
    • Brand Style guide
    • Business card

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  • Marketing Pitch
  • $ 1700 (payment plan available)
    • All the contents of the Identity Package
    • Branded Powerpoint Template

    This package is perfect for those looking to seek investors. We create a carefully thought out brand and apply it to a beautifully laid out presentation deck template that you can use and adjust on your own.

  • Let's get started
  • Launch Your Business Plan
  • $ 2000 +* (payment plan available)
    • Brand Identity Package
    • Social Media Strategy guide
    • Social Media Pages Set up
    • Website

    This package is perfect for those who are 100% ready to launch their business in the next 6 – 8 months. We provide you with your brand and all the tools you need to sell your product or service online and market yourself.

    *price varies on the scope of the website.

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