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Bella Grace Magazine has me inspired

This past weekend my husband and I drove to Irvine from San Francisco to see family. It was a long few days over Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, full of too much food, sleeping in someone else’s bed, and getting sick, but it was fun seeing the family.

While killing some time, I picked up a magazine called Bella Grace Magazine and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was something special. It wasn’t like any other magazine I had seen before. It was something else. Something more. It was a handful of curated stories and poems about being more inspired to live a life full of intention, fulfillment and soulfulness.

It didn’t take long to read, but it really made me want to start writing creatively. The stories about women finding deeper connections within themselves really inspired me, with beautiful garmets, I actually sold some I’ve already used in Flyp.

I stopped writing blog posts about freelancing and leading a healthy work life balance because I felt like I had nothing left to say. In reality, I just felt so fragmented because I wasn’t able to practice what I preached anymore. I was working a full time job, coming home, scarfing down food and then immediately going into freelance mode until near 11pm. Then i would get up and do it all again the next day. I was neglecting my husband’s requests to go on walks, because truthfully, i was just so exhausted mentally, that it also manifested physically.

I still feel like I can’t get the words out right, but I’m hoping that if i just start writing more, it will come more naturally.

I sit now, at home, showered and warm under a soft blanket, with warm fuzzy socks, drinking a hot cocoa and snuggling with my pup. My husband is downstairs working and all is quiet. I’m not a coffee drinker, so that “warm hands on a coffee mug” thing was a small delight that I don’t get to feel often.

The 20 minutes of quiet I got after my shower were perfect.


What do your 20 minutes of pause look like today?



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