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Behind the Scenes: Designing the Travis Brady Brand

It all started with a Nursery

In 2012, Travis Brady was having a baby girl. She wanted to surround her with so much love in her nursery, that she commissioned from us 5 illustrative prints, each representing a nickname her husband had given her.


Travis had purchased the license to use the artwork to create other products. When the opportunity came up to work with Livingplug, a decorative outlet company, Travis excitedly decided to share the love and sell the artwork on livingplug inlets.

Travis Brady Instagram

And then something exciting happened! In March 2015 the SF chronicle featured Livingplug in their sundayStyle, and used Travis’ “love sponge” inlet as an example.  Original instagram post by Travis Brady.

Sharing a mother’s journey with


As Travis’ daughter started eating solids, they learned she is one of many children who suffer from severe food allergies. When doctors told her all she could do was treat her daughters symptoms, she quickly rolled up her sleeves and researched how to find which foods were causing reactions and how to substitute them. Through all her trials, Travis has learned so much that she decided to re-brand and re-design her website as a blog to share her learnings with other moms.


Travis’ initial direction was to go in a very sophisticated palette. She was drawn to pale pinks, golds, and navy with a mix of patterns. As it started to take shape, she loved it for herself, but felt it wasn’t right for her and her daughter.


When I asked Travis to describe her brand, she threw out the word “bohemian” a lot. Sometimes I’ve found that vocabulary and connotations can often be misaligned between client and designer. I often create mood boards to help get on the same page. Once I did this for Travis, it became clear to her that she much preferred Indian influences over the typical mix and match of bohemian style.


Finally, we decided to go back to the nursery for inspiration, which was perfect. Her daughters room was decorated with the love prints we made a year before, pink and orange rugs and tassels, and a beautiful mandala on the ceiling to tie it all together. Another common element was the elephants, which were another tie back to indian influences. When we put all of that together with the photography of Travis and her daughter, the mood board began to really feel “Authentically Travis”. It touches on everything that is special about her daughter’s room and the happiness they share in it, playing, reading, and being together.

Travis Brady Mood Board


After the mood board was finalized, everything started to fall into place. White frames, vector tassels and mandalas started being placed on the site and in the marketing.

Travis Brady Brand Elements


Because Travis wanted to save cost and get her site up fast, we decided to purchase a pre-made theme and customize it with the help of Developer, John Johnson. We applied font and color styling, a custom responsive header, and truncated post styling to make for a uniquely branded and authentic blog that Travis could easily update herself.

Travis Brady - mommy blogger - website design and brand styling

Check out the full project

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