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Behind the Scenes: Designing the Eva Gunther Foundation re-design

The Eva Gunther Foundation practices creatively daring beliefs by empowering young girls to invest in personal growth and pursue their passions and curiosities. They reached out to me to help them bring their outdated brand and website into the 21st century. I worked with a small sub-committee of their board and together we took the time to define the next chapter for the foundation’s branding and website.

Website Audit

The first thing we did was take a look at the current state of the site. The site, having been built over a decade ago had a few key painpoints:



  1. The site had been built on an outdated platform, making it difficult for the client to update anything themselves
  2. The site wasn’t responsive, and thus they had no search engine presence.
  3. Many of the pages were broken or had little content
  4. Over the years more and more content was added, but out dated information had not been removed.
  5. There were very few pictures and too much text.
  6. There was very little in the way of branding elements, which made each page look too similar.

Setting Goals

After we had identified the painpoints, we talked about the goals of the site. First and foremost, we wanted to build a site that would appeal to a younger generation, while still looking professional and legitimate. We wanted a place to showcase past fellows stories, and easily break down the process of getting a fellowship. Most importantly, we wanted to give people a way to nominate a girl for a fellowship. The site had to also easily be updated by the Eva Gunther Staff.

Mood Board

4 unique concepts were presented to the committee and while all four had their strengths, the Bold, edgy and modern direction won. Some minor tweaks were made to the boldness of the fonts and after that, the styling was locked in.

Eva gunther mood board 1: soft and sweet
Eva Gunther Foundation Mood board 2: Sketch book highlighter
Eva Gunther foundation mood board: corporate feminine
Eva Gunther Foundation : Bold and Modern



The next step I created a site map and had the client sign off on the number of pages being created. I then built wireframes of some of the main pages and prototyped them using invision. The client could then click through the pages and see how they linked together. Once they were happy with that, I began to build out pages with wordpress and apply colors and styles that were pre-approved in the mood board.

Eva gunther sitemap
Eva gunther wires

Creating the visual style

The mood board helped define the visual style, after that it was up to me to purchase stock images and apply that style and use them throughout the site. We decided also, that using vector illustrations would also be used to break up the pages with a lot of text.

Eva Gunther Branding : Photo Styling
Eva Gunther Foundation Illustrations

Re-designing the logo

It was very important to the founder that we not completely lose the brand legacy of the mark. They encouraged sticking as closely to the original logo “Squiggly E” as possible. After trying all sorts of other E’s, they liked the one that was a modern take on the existing.

Eva Gunther Logos Round 1

With some more iterations we came to our final little “e” in a semi closed box. It was a nice modern refresh, but still paid respects to the legacy of the old mark.

Eva Gunther Foundation Logo Re-design

Putting it all together

The logo was the final touch to the website. After putting the logo in place, we launched the site. The site has received praise from the board and we have no doubt that it will help them reach more young girls in need of support.

Responsive Website design for Eva Gunther Foundation

Special thanks

It took several rounds of edits to get the site perfect. Some of the components that came with the theme didn’t account for how much text was needed, so a little bit of custom work was done by a developer friend, Chris Bourdeax.


You can see the full project or view the site live.

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