Behind the Scenes: Widen Media Reboot

After weeks of preparation, we finally produced Jeremy Widen’s self promo packet! He’s flying out to Vegas today for NAB, National Association of Broadcasters ( and he wanted to take a self promotional item that would get his name out there.


I spent my lunch break for a week researching self promo design and coming up with some sketches.

We knew that we had to have some key features:

  • resume
  • filmography
  • references
  • “im moving to chicago” statement
  • business card
  • reel

So I came up with a folder that could be made out of a 13X19 sheet and printed from home. That way I had more control over the colors. I used Staples doublesided matte paper and epson double sided matte paper. I highly reccomend both. They take color really well and are pretty thick (and wont break your wallet like moab). The only downside was that with thick paper, folding can become difficult, even with a bone folder. It came out to about 6″ X 7.5″ per side, so the resume, filmography and references pages all had to be shrunk down (about 5.75″ X 7″). We wanted the business card to have a place to live, so we cut slits into the pocket.

The Details

The whole reason for creating this promo is that Jeremy got into Grad School at Columbia College, Chicago and he wanted to promote the move to potential employers out there. The Message was personal but professional, speaking to how passionate and active he is in the film community and listed out some of his personal hobbies, showing his rounded character.

Because we created this folder, we were able to create a secondary pocket on the inside that would house the projects reel. I also designed the triangle flap that folds over and serves as a “cover flap” and hides his “statement” on the cover, while providing some nice yellow contrast to a very grey project. 

The yellow and white “rings” are used through out his website and identity to symbolize aperture rings. We wanted to add some fun and energy to a very straight forward presentation.

The Final

This truly was a collaboration with Jeremy. We both kept each other going when problems came up and were able to problem solve a solution to both printing and dvd burning errors. While I printed and folded, he helped glue. He’s the easiest client I’ve ever had and we make an amazing team. To experience more of Jeremy’s awesome identity designed by me, visit his website:

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